Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Division was formed in accordance with the regulatory directives of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) the Principals of Good Corporate Governance (Section I, Article 1.1.2) published in July, 2003, to protect shareholder rights and ensure effective communication among the share-holders. The main responsibilities of the Division are:

  • To provide shareholders and other stakeholders with information about Finans Leasing, a section on Finans Leasing’s website has been created that includes information about the share-holding structure of the company, Members of the Board of Directors, Annual Reports, capital structure, capital-like loans, securitizations and events affecting the Company, as well as quarterly statements of profit-and-loss, information about representative offices and key personnel and decisions made at the Shareholders' General Assembly.

  • To ensure that all information that it would be beneficial for shareholders to receive is included in the Annual Report.

  • To ensure that, other than information not available to the public or that is confidential or falls under the heading of trade secrets, shareholders receive timely and accurate information and also to ensure that existing information is updated.
  • To inform shareholders of the results of the General Assembly.

  • To monitor and manage all information and materials presented for the purpose of public information within the parameters of both the regulatory environment and the Company's Information Policy.